The ultimate drink holder for your sofa

CouchCoaster is designed to keep your drink safely next to you - just where

you always wanted it! It's ideal for the whole family and is suitable for mugs,

tumblers, bottles and cans.

How it Works

CouchCoaster works on different shapes and sizes of sofa arm. Simply place CouchCoaster over your arm, set your drink down and get comfortable! A minimum arm width of just 14cm (5.5") is required.

Product Features

One-size fits all drinks

Adjustable holder

Flexible silicone body

Weighted band

Holds mugs, tumblers,

bottles and cans up to 90mm for hot and cold drinks

Features a removable adaptor to support drinks up to 70mm wide and mug handle slot

Integrated iron weights and tacky base ensure a secure fit on fabrics and leather sofas

Wraps over flat, curved wide and narrow sofa arms (minimum arm width 14cm / 5.5")

"This new gizmo will be saving a lot of cleaning bills!"

"The ideal companion for movie lovers and TV fanatics!"

"An ingenious combination of features for your favourite drink."

"Definitely a product to feature in your man cave." 

"Smart! This is great for lazy days on the sofa."

"Eliminate spills and stains. An excellent idea at a great price!"

"Useful for anyone with mobility issues and even the kids."

"Proof that the best ideas are still the simple ones."

"Securely holds your drink. No spills, no worries, brilliant!"

"The ideal gift for gadget lovers who have everything."

"No more spills or sweating beverages. We’ll drink to that!" 

"A handy and reliable device that does everything it promises."

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